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Anniversary - 11 years EFAG

11 years of FICKEN... like it was nothing!

Initially, we wanted to celebrate a common jubilee after 10 years - but sometimes such an event may mature a little bit - and to celebrate a repdigit (German: SCHNAPSzahl) suits us better anyway. Accordingly, in 2019 we threw a party far from bad. 

Product announcements

The anniversary was the perfect platform to introduce our new products. And to be fair we prepared a whole assortment of new drinks:
FICKEN alcohol free
We know the problem - the driver is not allowed to drink when shots are served. Not anymore! We present the first anti-alcoholic liquor with original FICKEN taste!

FICKEN Anniversary Edition
To celebrate the 11th anniversary, we produced a limited special edition with a black label.

Do you still remember the original apple corn schnapps? It was delicious, right? That is exactly how STINKEFINGEREINHORN tastes. By the way, this fabulous mythical creature is also a funny guy, who does his mischief in an insanely hilarious comic book and on the most popular social networks.

The wild berry liquor puts two things straight: Cuddling is the most beautiful form of affection AND: Sometimes you may cuddle a little harder!

Entertainment at its finest

Of course this wasn't a television advertising event. After the obligatory product announcements it was getting serious. In addition to a comedy act, whose name remains a secret (hereinafter Jason B.) our CEOs aka Bronko & Rosi FICKEN rocked the party and preheated the crowd for the 80s rock band ''Jon Diva and the Rockets of Love'', our main act this evening.

And a few more impressions at the end ...