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We do everything in house

"Can we do that ourselves?"

We have to admit - we love to do everything by ourselves. That might relate to the fact that we had to do everything by ourselves in the beginning. Our advertising figures Bronko & Rosi are not just for fun and also our CEOs. But moreover, we simply like it to discover new fields of activities and broaden our horizons.
Bronko & Rosi in the FICKEN laboratory

Product development

... and some salt!

No matter if we're mixing up a new recipe, looking for a solution to any topic we struggle with or trying to realize the latest guff someone came up with:

We love to think big, we're not restricted by any standards, rules or conventions that are valid for others.


I think we need more cyan...

What's a fair booth looking like, what kind of information in what font size do we need on our labels, what are we posting on instagram today and which offers do our customers like the most for Christmas?!

These, and many more questions, we ask ourselves on a daily basis while staging our brands as innovative and unconventional as possible. Furthermore, happy costumers having fun with our products is all we need to be content.


Can I do anything else for you?

Happy costumers are one of our most important objectives - that's why we support everybody from the wholesale dealer to the final user personally from our headquarter.

We consult, serve and support you with a young and engaged team, aiming for a trustworthy long-term relationship with every costumer and business partner.

Promotion and Events

Party hard? Yes we can!

How a generic gathering of largely unfamiliar people turns into a true party, we learned simple by doing it throughout the years. It would be a pity if we kept that to ourselves!

Our in-house promotion team is on tour throughout the whole year at festivals and fairs to make people happy and throats wet. We also support a wide range of events where our products are served with promotional materials and tools to increase sales figures.
We'd give the shirt off our back for your package.

Fulfillment & Logistics

The flags got to be on B6

We don't just lovingly box your packages: with optimized packing lines, routine processes and motivated employees, we also ensure that your package arrives as soon as possible.

Software Development

Do I need a 0 or a 1 here?

We're not only able to sell liquor, we also know how to program.
That's why we developed our own ERP ''evyn'', which is perfectly tuned to fit our internal procedures. Not to mention we also created every single website of our brands, including this one, by using our own content management system. WordPress? Anyone could do that.