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The online shop for your next event

Throwing a party is fun - that's for sure. But until your party is a legit one there's a lot to be taken care of. So we took all you need in order to party and gathered it all in our online shop, so you don't have to search for everything by yourself. 

Our brand worlds - the full program

We have a wide selection of brands including the entire merchandise assortment and interesting austerity packages in our portfolio. From mulled wine to secco and a broad variety of liquors, we have everything you need for alcoholic enjoyment at your party.

Even more selection for drink holding friends

Keep calm and stay liquid ...

In addition to our comprehensive brand worlds, we have many more popular spirits in our selection. Whether you need something to drink pure or want to mix delicious cocktails - check out our drinks category!

Gifts for all cases

From birthday to Christmas to reconciliation

There are way too many occasions, to always come up with a creative, witty and unconventional gift. That's why we assembled pre-packed gift sets that go easy on your wallet and cause lots of fun regardless.