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It's getting WILD now!

People always try to tell you what to do when it comes to showing affection. Buy something nice, write a poem, cook their favourite dish, take part in recreational activities together, undertake annoying tasks, smile and support each other ...

Fine and dandy, but the most beautiful kind of showing affection is: KUSCHELN! (okay, we have to admit the joke only works in German, KUSCHELN isn't just a delicious liquor, but also German for 'to cuddle')

Two KUSCHELN please!

Which bottle would you like?

The KUSCHELN wild berry liquor is available in two variants! The taste remains the same, only the appearance of the bottle changes randomly from a teddy bear with sharp claws to a hard-hitting lady with a menacing baseball bat.

Where can I get KUSCHELN?

You can get KUSCHELN wild berry liquor quick and easy in our online shop
In addition to the fruity liquor you can also find a great selection of merchandise items.

Cool shirts

with your favorite design

Our cool KUSCHELN designs are also available on t-shirts.
You get to choose between the teddy bear and the fierce lady.

Come and KUSCHEL with us!

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