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Baron Bonzenbräu

Delicious Secco for stallions and princesses

Champagne is too mainstream for you, but you want to give your taste buds a sparkling drink experience?

Then get our crazy bubbly, named after the legendary "BARON BONZENBRÄU" himself, and experience a naughty drinking pleasure.

What is the Baron capable of?

And why don't you simply continue to read ...


We bet our last dim you'll never drink any other ordinary champange again, after you tasted the Baron for the first time. Containing 10 % of alcohol, the Baron allows you enough space to maybe drink another one.

100% FIZZ

Our Baron Bonzenbräu tingles exactly where it should: in your mouth. Treat yourself to the 100% fizz explosion and get rid of everything that makes your taste buds fall asleep.


You constantly come up with new occasions for clinking glasses? Whatever you celebrate, with Baron Bonzenbräu you'll surely sweeten your guests evening. Try it pure or mix it - for example with FICKEN Liquor.

Cocktail tip: FICKEN Royal

Mix it like the royals do!

Get yourself a champagne glass and throw in some ice cubes. Pour in 0,06l of BARON BONZENBRÄU on top and fill the rest up with 0,04l of FICKEN. An exclusive drink for all nobles!

Where can I enjoy BARON BONZENBRÄU?

First buy, then sip!

You can get our high nobility secco directly in our online shop:

Take a look around, we also have an extravagant FICKEN Royal Starterset for a special price.


More information about the Baron can be found on our official brand page:


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