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A mythical creature just like you and me

He's honest, lazy, a little chubby and has a pretty big mouth - an ordinary mythical creature. Without any fairy dust but a whole lot of irony, sarcasm and dark humor he's skating through life and getting things to the point others wouldn't even dare to mutter.


What's he up to all day?

By now, so much has happened to the Stinkefingeinhorn that you could fill an entire book with it... Wait a minute - there already is one! 
José A. Martin Vilchez and Sascha Ehlert summarized the life of the marvelous mythical creature in a crazy comic book and we sell it in our shop!

But is the horsey able to hold a drink?

The Stinkefingereinhorn not only knows how to drink hard - he's even got his own liquor! And he named it after the best thing he knows!
''STINKEFINGEREINHORN'' is a liquor with apples based on corn schnapps, which in Germany we call ''Apfelkorn''. Without a doubt, it's not any ordinary Apfelkorn - equally to the Stinkefingereinhorn itself - it's an original. True to the authentic recipe from back in the days. Really good stuff!

Where can you get Stinkefingeinhorn?

You can get Stinkefingereinhorn quick and easy in our onlineshop, where you also find the ridiculously humorous comic book and cool shirts. We ship to Germany and Austria.

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