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The lewd mulled wine with FICKEN taste

GLÜHFICKEN is the first mulled wine tasting like FICKEN! Perfectly suitable for the cold season to serv in a traditional mug or as a hot shot, the so called ''Glühshot''.
Even as a basis for winterly cocktails, GLÜHFICKEN always makes a good figure. Truly a treat for your palate!

Mulled wine

The delicious mulled wine with the extraordinary jostaberry taste.


Mulled wine as a shot! Not only possible, but also delicious!


Glühficken is very suitable as a base for winterly cocktails!


Pouring mulled wine as a shot? For sure!
Simply heat the mulled wine as usual and serve it in a 0,02l shot glass. You can also refine your Glühshot by adding some whipped cream on top.

Our GLÜHFICKEN Glühshot is also available in ready-to-serve 0,02l shot bottles in cubes of 20. Just carefully heat the bottles and say cheers.
Of course, you can enjoy the Glühshot chilled as well.

Glühficken on your event?

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Please feel free to write a mail to and tell us about your event, your wishes and how we can support you.

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