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The EFAG GmbH & Co. KG

...what happened so far:

We are a mid tier company from Upper Swabia. We started in 2007 with the provocative party liquor "FICKEN" and have become an established name in the party and event sector. Not only the advertising material, but also our advertising figures "Bronko and Rosi", which are embodied by two of the three CEOs, Bernd Bochtler and Dietmar Bock, are particularly bizarre. The third in the bunch is Christian Miller. Together with our more than 40-man-strong team, we have launched a broad portfolio of products we manage in our FICKEN headquarters in Laupheim.

In addition to the liquors "KUSCHELN" and "STINKEFINGEREINHORN", our assortment also includes the secco brand "BARON BONZENBRÄU", the mulled wine "GLÜHFICKEN" and our first non-alcoholic liquor - ''FICKEN Alkoholfrei''.

Since 2015 we distribute all our brands and the matching merchandise items in the companys own online shop "".

Besides that we've been following our own music project with "BRONKO & ROSI FICKEN" since 2017, in which we reinterpret classical party songs and meanwhile also produce our own songs. Here, in addition to numerous collaborations and singles, the complete album "FICKEN - DIE CD" was released.

We also got some literature up our sleeves: In 2018 we published our first novel ''FICKEN FÜRS VOLK'' with the help of the successful authors Sascha Ehlert and Emily Cole.


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