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Evyn ERP-System

Our in-house ERP system has been with us since the beginning of the EFAG. Originally designed as a content management system (CMS) for homepages, Evyn has evolved into a cloud ERP system over time that helps us to easily map out and optimize our business operations.

The advantage of the self-developed system: What doesn't fit is made to fit.

ERP software can quickly become overly complex. Therefore, the UI design and usability (how it looks and if that makes sense) is very important. Practically, we have our testers and users right in the house. Hence, we can immediately respond to requests for changes and suggestions for improvement.

Evyn in key words:
ERP, Online, Usability, App, Cloud, Sales, Documentation, CRM, Warehouse, Product Management, QR Codes, Commerce, Websites, Knowledge Base / Wiki, Purchasing, Bank, Events, Dashboard Screen, Amazon, Online Store, ... 

Functional scope (excerpt)

Sales / Customer Management
Write offers, record orders, manage commissions, send free goods, maintain price lists for various customer groups (and export as PDF), clear customer management, simple documentation of communication, task management, time tracking to projects, caller ID, trip planning for field service, profitability analysis at order level

Events & Promotions
Enter and maintain events (also recurring), manage and plan promotions / events / fairs 

Maintaining articles, managing suppliers, entering purchase orders and processing, monitoring deliveries, entering invoices

Warehouse & Logistics
Product management, warehouse management, QR code-based storage system (can be operated via app), optimized shipping process, DHL-API connection

Online shop
Integrated online shop (e.g., responsive (desktop and mobile), prices per customer group (after login), simple and clear design, quickly integrated into your smartphone, simple checkout, trusted shops

Homepages / CMS
Content management system, any number of homepages, easy maintenance of content (text and image)

Company internal messaging system

Employee management

Manage employment, manage salaries, manage deadlines, manage driver's license, load securing, safety briefing, employee development sheets, bonus system (employee-sharing model) and more.

Administration & Banking
Fetching account sales, automated booking links, dunning, order monitoring (sales and purchasing), DATEV export