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FICKEN liquor

The Partyschnaps for the people

Your party could use a funny gimmick? You are looking for an unusual way to get into conversation with people or your tongue desperately needs a fresh taste experience?

Then it's time for FICKEN!

The Partyschnaps for the people always provides a steady base for fun conversations, makes you smile and probably the most important thing: FICKEN tastes delicious!

What is FICKEN?

The 15% vol. jostaberry liquor is the ideal shot for any kind of party or get-together and also a great basis for mixing different cocktails.

The jostaberry is a hybrid between the blackcurrant and the gooseberry, which mainly grows in Germany.

The provocative Partyschnaps feels itself at home at any party and captivates with lots of humor, a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll and unusual advertising material.

Where can I get FICKEN?

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